Sunday, 3 May 2009

HOOPOE near Studham

Although just outside the Recording Area and across the border into Bedfordshire, this EURASIAN HOOPOE has been on territory near Studham village since 27 April.
The bird is frequenting gardens in the exclusive and very expensive Oldhill Wood Estate at TL 032 167, where for several days it was favouring the front and back garden of 'Tanglewood'. More recently, it has been singing constantly from Silver Birches in the small wood by the Activity Centre (TL 031 164) early mornings and was still present on Friday 1 May.
Unfortunately, due to the nature of the occurrence, the residents of Oldhill Wood were very reluctant to release news of the bird and have requested that birders respect their privacy. Once the bird moves into an area of more open habitat, I shall release viewing details.

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