Wednesday, 9 September 2009

And yet another TREE PIPIT

Tuesday 8 September

Made two enjoyable visits to Pitstone Hill today. This morning between 8.15-8.30 I counted at least 250 Barn Swallows heading through, all keeping very low to the ground to avoid the strong SW wind. They were all heading along the escarpment with most then going south towards Aldbury. A fantastic sight and just wish I could've stayed to carry on watching them but had to get to work. Also had a migrant TREE PIPIT flying over south calling.

Had a few Swallows going south at work in St Albans as well until midday when all sightings ceased. Red Kite also over there. Went back again to Pitstone Hill this evening and had a nice walk in gorgeous weather. A pair of Grey Partridge were in the field south of the hill and I flushed another TREE PIPIT from the ditch just past the first hillock at dusk. It flew up calling, briefly landed in one of the bushes by the field edge, then flew back to the ditch further along (Rob Andrews)

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