Wednesday, 23 December 2009

BITTERN still on Marsworth

22 December: It was good to see the Bittern this afternoon still hanging in at Marsworth. I had intended to go to the gull roost after last nights effort in the snow failed to produce anything of note (although there were 92 Common Gulls present) but after skidding down the canal bridge near the mill even Wilstone Reservoir seemed like a long way to go. Most of the reed at Marsworth is flattened by the snow (hopefully it will recover when the snow melts). It is quite a sight and certainly seemed to confuse many of the Corn Buntings that couldn't make up their mind where to roost. Any bird roosting in the reeds would be very exposed. The Bittern showed up at 4.22pm on the edge of the reeds in the S.E. Corner. It then proceeded to do a lap of the reservoir before landing in the sallows out from the overflow (Steve Rodwell)

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