Friday, 13 May 2011

01 MAY: Spectacular BAR-WIT passage continues for third day

01 MAY

Wilstone Reservoir: 6 BAR-TAILED GODWITS (1 on the bales from 1st light, 2 though at 08:02 and another 3 at 08:40), 3 WHIMBRELS (2 at 07:12 plus another at 08:15) and a single Redshank through this morning as well as the Avocet. A flock of 8 Waxwings flew over the jetty calling before 6am, heading towards Tring.

College Lake: Paul saw a flock of 20 Barwits over at ca.06:05 and the 2 seen early at Wisltone at 8am landed on the marsh briefly.

Another dodgy early morning picture of todays Barwit on the bales at Wilstone taken again at 05:30 (David Bilcock).

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