Friday, 22 July 2011

GODWITS new in


Feeling a lot warmer than of late and with no rain. Still very light winds.......

(Afternoon visit)

Joined an assortment of local observers at Wilstone, most there to see the continuing juvenile EUROPEAN SHAG. The bird had moved from just in front of the Drayton Bank Hide back to the central ridge but was in a very sorry state - seems to have quite a serious eye infection and perhaps why it has been unable to feed since it arrived yesterday afternoon.

Apart from the Shag, the only 'new' birds to arrive today were two further ICELANDIC BLACK-TAILED GODWITS - again both summer plumaged birds and probably post-breeding males. They were roosting on the central bund in front of the hide.

Still 3 juvenile COMMON REDSHANKS on site, at least 3 COMMON SANDPIPERS (including the two juveniles), 11 Little Egrets, 4 Shoveler and 2 Common Teal

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