Friday, 2 September 2011


David and I watched three CURLEW SANDPIPERS fly round as we were stood by the car park and we lost them at about 6:50 as they descended behind the bushes along Drayton Bank. We went to the hide but couldn’t see them from there. I also couldn’t find them from the jetty and so felt it was fair to assume that they hadn’t landed after all. I decided there was no rush to put out news since they appeared to have departed.

Otherwise this morning a juvenile Peregrine made several passes at birds at just after 6am this morning. It then cruised past again later but made no attempt to hunt. The Little Stint was still with the Ringed Plover on the spit by the jetty. One of the two Ruff present flew off at about 6:05, heading towards the other reservoirs, presumably as a result of the Peregrine’s hunting attempts. Several Yellow Wagtails flew over during my time by the reservoir. The overflow hedge had a Whinchat on it and then in the grass field near it. There was also one yesterday in the hedge to the west by the long dung heap. Also in the overflow hedge a number of Yellowhammers, Willow Warblers and Whitethroats were active. I could only find one Greenshank and a Redshank flew over in an easterly direction (Roy Hargreaves)

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