Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Belated SHORT-EARED OWL report

Early morning I had a rock pipit by the jetty which flew to the fields behind the jetty.

A bit later (about 8.45) I was just below the dry canal heading towards Rushy Meadow when I heard a crow. Turning I noticed it was chasing what I initially expected to be a buzzard, however on raising my "bins" I realised it was a short-eared owl coming from the direction of Miswell Farm. It drifted towards "the boathouse" area still with the crow in attendance. I phoned Dave B and Warren (ringing)hoping to get one of them on to the owl however Dave was on the Beacon and Warren had no view due to the trees. The owl started to drift towards Cemetery Corner, however was again pushed by corvids, gained height and drifted towards Wilstone village (Ian Williams)

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