Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday birding - SMEW still

It was a beautifully still, crisp late afternoon at the reservoir. I was greeted by a flock of c50 Fieldfare at cemetery corner. The redhead SMEW was still showing well, favouring the west corner, by the overflow. She was being harassed occasionally by Blackheaded Gulls and more so as the gulls came in to roost. A small flock of Linnets (c8-12) landed on the mud (west corner), joining the dozen or more Pied Wagtails in the area. The BEWICK'S SWAN family were still on the pool to the right of the hide. I wasn't able to check on the other significant species but I did have a close encounter with a Sparrowhawk in the wooded area (east corner of the reservoir) as I headed home at dusk (4:15pm). It flew within about 5 metres of me and off South across the fields. Attached is this evening's record shot of the Smew and, for a splash of colour, a Shoveler! - LUCY FLOWER

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