Sunday, 18 December 2011

Local Alert - Roy's back from New Zealand and Oz !

Having spent the past three weeks in New Zealand and Australia I had been able to keep track of local events while in NZ on a daily basis, but in Australia I only found out about the Snow Bunting on Friday as I checked in for the return flights. David Bilcock kindly updated me to let me know that the Snow Bunting was still there on Saturday. So a visit first thing Sunday Morning was on the cards

Having landed at Heathrow early this morning I was home before it was light and as soon as it was light I headed for Startops to see if the Bunting was still there. David turned up and immediately was able to show me just how close to the reservoir wall the Snow Bunting could get. An excellent bird to see on my return and a contrast from watching Bowerbirds and other rainforest birds in Queensland less than 48 hours previously.

I then put in a quick visit to Wilstone before the lengthy journey took its toll. The four Bewick’s Swans were roosting and the Brent Goose was with the Greylags and Canadas in the field by Cemetery Corner. Also the Water Pipit was with Meadow Pipits and the Shelduck was also still present (Roy Hargreaves)

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