Monday, 23 January 2012

MEGA: LITTLE AUK at College Lake

Sarah, one of the BBOWT wardens, noticed this first-winter LITTLE AUK on the main lake at College Lake shortly after 1500 hours and immediately contacted Paul Reed. Paul immediately broadcast the news and over the next two hours of light, some 25 or so local birders managed to connect. I happened to be in Hampshire finishing off my Round Britain tour but thanks to Paul and the staff, arrived at 1640 hours and was able to get over 20 minutes worth of viewing at just 10 yards range ! What a bird and my first for the Tring Recording Area and Buckinghamshire. Roy Hargreaves obtained the shot above.

The bird was still present early Monday morning but quickly succumbed to the interest of a Carrion Crow. It was killed pretty rapidly.

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