Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Overcast conditions deposit more migrants on Hills


The wind had freshened quite substantially from the SW this morning, with somewhat overcast conditions continuing on from yesterday evening's rain. I expected a few birds in such conditions


Along with FB, Chris and SR, I did a mid-morning check-round of the Hill circuit with reasonable results. Commuting between the stubble field and the sheep pen fenceline were 3 WHINCHATS (an adult and 2 juveniles) and 4 NORTHERN WHEATEARS (an adult and 3 juveniles) whilst a contingent of 17 Eurasian Barn Swallows were lingering over the stubble and slope clearly waiting for better visibility. Two TREE PIPITS flew over calling in quick succession whilst in the scrubby area below the car park, a number of COMMON REDSTARTS was still present, including a vocal male in the last isolated hawthorn before the two gates at the bottom of the slope. There were also 3 Yellowhammers in this area, whilst Chris had a single SPOTTED FLYCATCHER. I also came across a SMALL COPPER butterfly.

Incombe Hole and Steps Hill were difficult to work in the freshening wind and yielded nothing of note

WHINCHATS were also seen widely elsewhere in the county today with the two juveniles still at Springfield Farm Quarry, two at Ravenstone Sewage Works and 5 at Gallows Bridge NR, along with two still at Batford (Herts) and a further 7 in Bedfordshire.

Lee G R Evans

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