Tuesday, 11 September 2012

One word describes today's local birding exploits - simply dire


Yes, one word to describe my day out - pretty dire

The wind had switched to the Northwest, pegging temperatures back to about 61 degrees. It remained dry and was part cloudy.


Arrived on site to hear about a MARSH HARRIER over the reedbed last Friday (7 September), present from 1705-1715 before flying off south......

Walked around to the hide where I was intrigued to find that all of my information and bird sighting book had been removed from the hide - by whom I do not know. Furthermore, vegetation was so thick and dense in front of the hide that it was not possible to see the emerging bund......

Anyhow, it was Little Egrets and wildfowl that had arrived since my last visit - just 2 of the former and a single NORTHERN PINTAIL for its second day highlighting the latter.....

The rollcall included 32 Mute Swans, 217 Mallard, 8 Eurasian Wigeon, 56 Common Teal, 7 Gadwall, 33 Shoveler, 27 Tufted Duck and 17 Northern Pochard, with 8 Great Crested Grebes and 406 Coot completing the counts.

There was little sign of summer, with 7 Sand Martins through, along with 35 House Martins, and a Common Chiffchaff in the overflow hedgerow. A single scolding Sedge Warbler was in the vegetation in front of the hide.


A complete waste of time. Walked the circuit and saw next to zilch - 7 Meadow Pipits and 3 Yellowhammers - devoid of migrants


A pocket of sunlit hedgerows and fields had attracted 30 European Barn Swallows close to the village

Tomorrow's Just Another Day.......

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Samuel Perfect said...

Hi Lee,

Sorry to hear about your bad days birding. Just wanted to let you know the first blue "2010-11 sightings book" containing the Tring Reservoir birding sightings (which I think you were referring to in your last post) I found dumped in the bin-liner inside the hide! I retrieved it and have kept it at home as I assumed no one wanted it anymore. I made a second one which I also left in the hide (the one you mentioned had gone) so would just recommend checking it has also not been thrown in the bin. Hopefully you refind it as I know how important some of the information can be, if you would like the previous sightings book I can give it to you next time I meet you perhaps in the Tring area. Hope the birding improves tomorrow,

Kind regards,

PS. please let me know if you refind the sightings book, my e-mail is samuel@samuelperfect.co.uk