Wednesday, 27 February 2013

LITTLE OWLS in Berkhamstead

Dave Hutchinson and I decided to see if we could find the Little Owl in Berkhampstead today. We found the dead tree – but no Little Owl. After waiting a few minutes, a small bird flew in and a minute later a Little Owl popped up on the top of the highest point of the dead tree (near the roots) – see attached image. After walking more towards the club house and round the corner searching for a closer view, we saw that it had disappeared. However, we heard a bird call that Dave thought was an owl/raptor which appeared to be from the tree line running down the right of the clubhouse. After scouring the trees, I was lucky enough to spot a Little Owl perching two thirds of the way up a tree near to the white “goal posts” near the tree line. We were able to get quite close – in fact I was chastising Dave for tryin g to get too close when a guy on a bicycle rode underneath the tree with the owl in it (on the public footpath that is there) without spooking it. Whist watching it, we heard another Little Owl call from somewhere near the large tree in the field near the fallen tree – so clearly there are at least two there (Mike Nott and Dave Hutchinson)

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