Thursday, 14 March 2013

My New Group is up and running - feel free to join

The new 'Birding Tring Reservoirs' email group is now up and running - simply click on the following link and press JOIN NOW - I will do the rest -

Remember, this group is for active members of the Reservoir natural history brigade and we welcome sightings of bird, mammal, reptile, butterfly or plant interest. It also embraces the wider general area and therefore covers sites such as Wendover Woods, Dancers End, Dagnall, Ashridge Forest, Weston Turville and the Ivinghoe Hill escarpment.

What I don't want is back-biting, suppression or argumentative behaviour, but constructive criticism and healthy discussions are fine. Photographic contributions are particularly welcome and information is welcome, whether it is of the most common or rarest of local birds.

Obviously as moderator, I shall control who can become a member and who cannot, but if you have something to offer, are particularly active or just appreciate the help that I and other friendly locals can offer, then you are most welcome. The four individuals involved with the Wilstone Savi's Warbler suppression are certainly not welcome - local birding is about sharing and caring - and this particular local community will be just that.

Very best wishes

Lee G R Evans

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