Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Wandering RAVENS

There were two beautiful female-type NORTHERN WHEATEARS on the Beacon slope towards the sheep pens this morning; from the colours and size at least one seemed to be a Greenland. They were watched at a distance by a young Common Kestrel.

I was then treated to an amazing flying display of COMMON RAVENS and young Kestrels; for about 15 minutes three Ravens flew around together, for much of the time skydiving and in a definite formation in the air; legs dangling and one was seen to fly lazily at a rabbit.

The Ravens were joined in the air by five young Kestrels; another smaller Raven joined them and the only sound I could hear was lots of cronking

Earlier a Kestrel had been mobbing a Raven in heavy moult; I did not see that bird later so there were probably five Ravens altogether.

But no camera or video!

Mike Collard

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