Friday, 23 April 2010

The MARSH HARRIER flew briefly just above the tops of the reeds at 7:40. At about 7:45 it reappeared and flew around over the reeds and water closest to the hide for a few minutes giving really good views, before dropping back into the reeds close to the hide.

This morning 12+ Common Swift flew in, a Yellow Wagtail flew over this morning and one landed on the NE bank in front of David and myself this evening. The pair of Mandarin Duckwere also about as were the Common Teal. This afternoon I went looking for the Wheatear that Ian Williams had told me about and spotted a male COMMON STONECHAT with the Wheatear on the fence that runs parallel to the track from the Cemetery to the res. Also a good number of Common Tern (Roy Hargreaves)


Anne-Sophie BROWN said...

Hi Lee,

I have been looking for the Pasque flower around Incombe Hole but cannot find them, can you please give more details? On which slope?

Anonymous said...