Friday, 28 May 2010

The nasal-banded NORTHERN POCHARD - ringing history

Nasal-banded Pochard at Wilstone -
This female NORTHERN POCHARD with a band attached to its upper mandible was seen at Wilstone on 12 May. This type of banding uses a small soft-plastic band, which is attached to the upper mandible, and is known as a nasal saddle. This one was pale blue, marked "=P".
David Bilcock received the following information that the bird was originally ringed at Mezangers in Northwest France back in 2007 and since then, she has been reported on seven previous occasions, before arriving in Tring:

31/05/2007 Mezangers, France
17/06/2007 Mezangers, France
24/06/2007 Mezangers, France
03/08/2008 Seaton-Burn, Tyne-and-Wear UK
08/08/2008 Seaton-Burn, Tyne-and-Wear UK
16/02/2009 Mezangers, France
22/03/2009 Mezangers, France
12/05/2010 Tring, Hertfordshire UK

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