Wednesday, 5 May 2010

What a good year for the....Whitethroats

Nothing particularly of interest but just an update.

Tues Evening 4th May Steps Hill/Incombe Hole 1700-1900 Surprisingly, when I arrived the cold NE wind had subsided and Steps/Incombe was calm with bursts of warm setting sun. Making my way through the scrub the bushes were full of singing whitethroats, blackcaps, song thrush, willow warblers and chiffchaff. Disappointed there was no sign of the singing lesser whitethroat which had been holding territory there on Fri 30th April. Eventually heard and saw a pair of garden warblers.

Through the gate on the right a nice posing Common Whitethroat which allowed me to take some snaps (see above). Moving left a pair of blackcap were scolding an innocent willow warbler which had strayed too near their nesting site. Incombe Hole was fairly quiet with just the usual chaffinch, robin, blackbird, blackcap, magpie, kestrel, yellowhammer and another whitethroat with the best bird of the evening being a lingering female wheatear feeding half way down the slop.

Amazingly, for this time of the day, I was the only person here - not a dog, jogger, cyclist or walker in sight, sheer bliss! (Sally Douglas)

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