Monday, 12 July 2010

EDIBLE DORMICE performing for second night


After returning from my first-ever WHITE-TAILED PLOVER in Kent, I met up with good friends Dougal, Rossie and John and took them over to Dancers End Woods to show them EDIBLE DORMICE. I followed Chaz Jackson's directions of last night........

The first animals began contacting each other in the avenue of trees shortly after 2200 hours and over the next hour, some 15 specimens were encountered. We enjoyed some excellent views as they fed on berries overhead and clambered from branch to branch. The guys were well pleased.

As darkness fell, at least 3 TAWNY OWLS called and as I drove up through 'The Crong' on returning home, superb prolonged views were obtained of a BADGER in the headlights. It was trying to find food at the roadside but sadly, much of the ground is still very hard.

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Anthony Brock said...

Hello, this may be a silly question, did you manage to see the dormice? I was in the area last night c. 9.30pm and could hear plenty of the little fellers calling to each other in the woods, but despite torches, we could not spot them. Are they disturbed by torchlight? Were they calling in alarm at two humans clumping around their home turf?