Tuesday, 13 July 2010

HOBBIES - and BADGERS back to form

A distinct and dramatic change in the weather today with an autumnal feel to conditions this evening. A constant wave of light showers were carried along on brisk WSW winds, with a much colder edge to proceedings.


Spurned on by Roy's wader passage, I drifted down this evening and fully censused Wilstone Reservoir from 2000 hours until dusk. Fairly uneventful apart from two adult HOBBIES hawking over the reservoir. No waders to speak of. The results -:

Great Crested Grebe (16 birds in total including 1 juvenile being fed)
Mute Swan (increase in summer moult arrivals with 42 birds present)
Greylag Geese (39)
No Gadwall noted but 3 COMMON TEAL roosting on Drayton Bank
Tufted Duck (just 15 seen - and no family parties)
Northern Pochard (16 roosting on Drayton Bank)
HOBBY (two adults hunting at dusk)
Lapwing (just 6)
Common Terns (87+, including a reasonable number of juveniles on the wing)
Common Swift (117 at dusk)
House Martin (15)


Badgers were much in evidence this evening, presumably taking full advantage of the first rains in several weeks, with 6 noted between Dancers End and Buckland Wood.

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