Saturday, 6 November 2010

5 November - Roy finds a WATER PIPIT on Wilstone

This morning while looking at the Black-necked Grebe by the jetty I noted a mid-sized Pipit on the mud next to the jetty. I fully expected it to be a Rock Pipit and so was most surprised to see a WATER PIPIT. Although I didn’t move after seeing it I guess I was inside its comfort zone - as it took off and flew across the reservoir. While I did eventually lose sight of it against the trees I didn’t see it leave and so it may have landed in the reeds or on the mud on the south-west side of the reservoir. I couldn’t find it from the hide, but then the last one took me two or three weeks to confirm properly so this one was most co-operative by comparison. Hopefully it will stick around as the habitat is certainly right for it to do so.

Also saw Little Egret in the creek by the hide, but not much else of note (Roy Hargreaves).

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