Saturday, 6 November 2010

BULLFINCH passage on the hills

A disappointing day for passage on Steps Hill this morning, at least in quantity due to low cloud/ mist for the crucial time around sunrise and just after. However this was compensated by a large influx of BULLFINCHES, at least 3 of which showed characteristics of Northern Birds.

Initially before dawn, one was calling ( a distinctively different call ) on the East of Steps, where presumably it had just arrived. A large number of Bullfinch passed over during the morning, then I spent some quality time in the top scrub. Two stunning males and a simply massive female all showed the requisite characters, there may have been more. At one point this female was a few feet away from another female, the size difference was obvious. They all displayed very large bills and the males in particular a noticeably broad wingbar.The other suprise was a Shoveler flying around in the pre-dawn mist (Mike Wallen).

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