Thursday, 23 December 2010


This morning was grey and foggy, but with all the open water being close to the banks I decided to head for Wilstone Res as usual. On my way down I diverted to post a letter and heard a Waxwing call. I suspect that it or they were flying over and I never caught sight to see how many were involved. Carrying on down through the farm I was walking down to the Dry Canal when I again heard a Waxwing call – only this time in the hedge next to me. Fortunately I was luckier this time and when it called again I was able to watch this lone bird fly over the Dry Canal towards Drayton Beauchamp. My second Waxwing at the reservoirs! The remainder of the walk was also interesting as I heard I call that I didn’t recognise! Apart from that a couple of Siskins were flying round, there were five Pintail on the open water by the hide and a Water Rail running round at the top of the cress beds (Roy Hargreaves)

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