Friday, 14 January 2011

Roosting CORN BUNTINGS at Marsworth

Down at Marsworth this evening, following the British Waterways day.

A good clear evening, after the rain, and there were many more Corn Buntings than I've seen recently. Tonight, a few small flocks flew in, circled several times before settling once or twice in the tall trees just on the edge of Startopsend reservoir, right next to the path. I counted over 65 birds. Eventually, they circled some more before they dived down to roost in the reeds. Being a lightish evening, this was about 16.20. Another flock of 16 (although difficult to say they were additional, rather than part of the original group which had perhaps left and come back) did the same at 16.30, using different tree, nearer the hide.

No obvious sign of the Bittern, but just as it was getting dark, at 17.10, a dark 'shape' skimmed briefly across the reeds in the corner, firstly L to R, then R to L, but not going very far, simply a quick arc, up-and-down. Too brief a sighting to be certain if it was the Bittern, but possible. Let's hope we get better luck on Sunday.

Nothing much more. On Startopsend I saw just 2 RC Pochards (M), although the F's may have been there somewhere (they weren't with the M's), 12 Shoveler (with just 1 on Marsworth), c50 Greylags and c25 Canadas, plus the usual numerous Coots and Tufties (Keith Evans)

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