Sunday, 9 January 2011

Weekend Highlights

Jim Middleton, Gill and I spent the day at Tring reservoirs, after popping in to see the WAXWINGS at Dixons in Hemel - only about 20 there at 8.30. but a sparrowhawk was cruising the area.

Wilstone Reservoir, pretty quiet, only birds of note, 5 Common Goldeneye (3m 2f), 2 Dabchick, a Grey Wagtail on the spit opposite the jetty. A dozen Fieldfare over and a few Redwing about. No sign of water pipit or pintail.

College lake - even quieter. A few Common Snipe on one Island and a Red kite and a Common Buzzard over,

Tringford Reservoir - 6 Siskin over the path at the back and a Common Buzzard over.

Marsworth Reservoir - 80+ CORN BUNTINGS in two small parties totalling 26 dropped straight in pre 4.00, then a larger group circled about 4.10 gaining numbers for 10 minutes to about 60 before dropping in.

A BITTERN flew from the far right hand corner to land about half way down the back, where it could just be seen, then a second one walked into clear view on the cut through the reed right opposite us, at 4.30. Nice end to a relatively quiet day! Martin Parr

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