Friday, 29 April 2011


A fantastic morning's passage of BAR-TAILED GODWITS through the reservoirs; these are all the birds that I have seen (+1 by Ian W), a total of 80 birds.

2 Wilstone 05:30 (found by Ian and Roy, one bird sitting on the bales)
5 W 05:50 (above birds joined this flock and circled reservoir several time before heading off)
7 College Lake 06:55 (flock landed on the marsh)
17 CL 07:20 (6 of the above birds joined this flock as they flew over)
22 CL 07:26 (initially seen at Wilstone by Stuart)
19 CL 07:26 (again came from Startops direction)
3 CL 07:40 (initially seen by Stuart at Wilstone)
1 CL 07:45 (accompanied by a whimbrel)
1 W 08:30
1 W 09:25 (seen by Ian Williams only)

A couple of pictures of the barwits on the marsh at College Lake are published above, of which 5 of the 7 were breeding plumaged males. Dave Hutchinson's shot at the top was of the male that lingered all day

David Bilcock

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