Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Richard Woodhead discovered a female PIED FLYCATCHER at the edge of Top Scrub at around 0900 hours this morning as it flitted along the hedgerow leading away from the gate at the top of Incombe Hole. Almost as soon as he found it, he lost it, and despite being joined by Steve Rodwell, Ben Miller and others within a short period, nobody could relocate it.

Many many hours later this evening, Chaz Jackson relocated it in the very same area and managed to get Jack O'Neill on to it. Once again, it instantly disappeared, and despite subsequent searching by 20 or more observers, it could not be relocated before dusk. At least two GARDEN WARBLERS were new in on Top Scrub.

Three RING OUZELS (an adult male and two female-types) were present in the sheep field, feeding along the fenceline just SE of the Beacon (the usual hedgerow and corner). The male is present for its fourth day (SR, LGRE).

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