Monday, 2 April 2012


I was able to get up to the Hale Lane part of the woods late this afternoon. After an hour of listening and searching for Firecrests, without success, I decided to call it a day. Got back to the final barrier before you leave the woods to go back onto Hale Lane and heard a Firecrest calling. Seconds later, I was watching 2 birds flitting about the trees (about two thirds of the way up so still quite high but good views through bins) just inside the barrier. A 3rd bird made an appearance and I'm pretty sure there was a 4th around too. They were favouring the trees on the right just as you enter past the barrier but would occassionally flit into the trees on the left too. Watched/followed them for about 30+ mins. Best 'grab' shot attached. Other than the Firecrests, that sheltered avenue was very quiet this afternoon. A few Siskins but no Brambling or Linnets there (Lucy Flower Birding & Photography)

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