Monday, 2 April 2012

OTTERS in the Tring Area

Yesterday after talking to one of the locals in Drayton Beauchamp I was forwarded these pictures obtained last month from the security camera in their garden which clearly show an OTTER visiting overnight.
I know there has been a few reports from Marsworth over the past few years but this is the first definite sighting I know of in recent times.

Historically they were present in Wilstone as several skins in the Herts Natural History Museum were from Tring reservoirs and one was trapped by the baliffs (legally in those days) in the late 1950's at Tringford. The population has been expanding and they can be seen now in Bedfordshire so I guess this sighting is not surprising.

Here's hoping they become establish so that we can all see one locally.

The Fox picture is included to give idea of size.

David Bilcock

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