Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Canals & Rivers Trust (in consultation with Natural England) have been spraying the muddy margins at Startops Reservoir today to tackle the invasive alien plant growing there. Unfortunately the plant, Crassula helmsii  has now also been found growing at Wilstone reservoir underneath the trees between the old outflow and the hide. They will be spraying this area tomorrow. The good news is that one of the rarest plants of the reservoirs, mudwort, has been located growing at Wilstone well away from this area in good quantities. If crassula takes hold it could potentially completely cover the exposed mud, which would be a disaster for our waders, and smother any native flora.

It is important for people (and dogs) to stay off the mud at all the reservoirs because crassula is spread very easily by being carried on boots and feet. The Friends of Tring Reservoirs website has some further info rmation.

Lynne Lambert

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