Friday, 27 August 2010

At least 5 COMMON REDSTARTS at Ivinghoe

Enjoyable morning spent birding with Jack O'Neill and Chris watching the juvenile male and female COMMON REDSTARTS in scrub below the main car park (see images above and that of a preening Common Whitethroat near the gate at Inkombe Hole.
At 3.30pm, I returned to the Redstarts with Richard Woodhead, and we both watched a buzzard species travelling quite high from the right to left (east to west) in a steady flight, no soaring but looking as if it was on migration. We were 99% certain it was a Honey Buzzard - a couple had been seen in the London area earlier but cannot be 100% sure. We hoped other birders may have also seen it (Sally Douglas Birding).

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