Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Near gale force SSW winds calm things down from yesterday but more RED-CRESTED POCHARDS arrive


It was a very windy day, with warm SSW winds increasing in gusts to force 6 at times. It did remain dry though, with some long bright periods. Following yesterday's bonanza of sightings, today was rather lean in comparison, with little of new arrivals in the strong winds.

(1500-1600 hours)

Little evidence of yesterday's excitement although wildfowl are increasing daily. The first EURASIAN WIGEON of the autumn arrived today, with Common Teal up to 39, Shoveler up to 16 and yet two more RED-CRESTED POCHARDS - two juveniles this time. The eclipse drake GARGANEY remained present but there was no sign of the juvenile Black-necked Grebe.

Lapwing had decreased to 97 but Tufted Duck were well up at 84, with 44 Mute Swans, 5 Grey Herons, a female Common Kestrel and up to 4 HOBBIES making up the numbers. A single DUNLIN remained on the bund from yesterday.

Most significant was a massive rise in passage HOUSE MARTIN numbers - at least 175 wheeling around.


All 7 RED-CRESTED POCHARDS remained in situ, the juvenile, resident female and the immigrant drakes; 14 Mute Swans were also present along with a single lingering COMMON SWIFT and 60+ SAND MARTINS.

Lee G R Evans

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