Thursday, 10 March 2011

Sightings and images from today - 05 March - Michael Nott

Water levels at maximum with outflow running hard. Five sets of perch fishermen all around north and east banks. Only one perch (4lb) caught this morning.

Red Kite - In tree at Drayton Beauchamp. Pair are regularly there and flying over surrounding area.

Great Crested Grebe - Pair were going through mimic mating ritual. Always warms my heart to see them do this.

Tufted Ducks - seemed to be the most obvious duck on Wilstone. The females are very popular as the photo above shows.

Fieldfares and Starlings - these were in the big field on the opposite side of the old canal opposite the memorial seat. They were spooked by a red kite and there was a mixture of wood pigeons, starlings, fieldfares and skylarks - maybe 150 in total.

Black headed Gull - has a partially visible ring. It was sat on the north bank at Wilstone near the outflow and flushed the Water Pipit as it flew away.

Michael Nott

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