Saturday, 11 February 2012

Bitterly cold

This morning when I got out of the car at Wilstone it registered -12C!! Anyway the gains in open water made recently were lost in one night as one small patch in the centre and one by the stream were all the open water surfaces left after a bitter night. Initially the Brent was hidden among the Greylags in the centre and then they flew into the usual field. Nothing else out of the ordinary at Wilstone.

At Startops the Smew was again initially difficult to locate as it spent about 90% of the time under water. Eventually it showed well on one edge of the ice-free area – again much reduced from yesterday. Marsworth was completely frozen and none of us could find a Bittern this morning. The Snow Bunting was again on the north-west shore and the brilliant sunshine made a change from the dull light I have had to view it in during the week. Also while I was there the Greylags and Brent flew east over Startops into Bucks – presumably to College Farm again.

Roy Hargreaves

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