Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Snow and ice starting to thaw

This morning the thaw is definitely under way and both Wilstone and Startops have larger areas of open water and Marsworth has a small patch by the stream. The roads are also fairly clear and weren’t icy this morning.

Wilstone had the DARK-BELLIED BRENT back in the usual field and I couldn’t find the Water Pipit but it is no doubt there somewhere as there is a narrow strip of water round most of the reservoir’s edge – not that it requires that of course.

Startops has a narrow strip of exposed ground at the base of the banks and another strip further out near the water’s edge. The SNOW BUNTING was favouring the strip close to the concrete bank and while I was there two male GOOSANDER flew in and settled on the water.

On Marsworth a brief visit yielded a Bittern walking from the southern end of the reservoir, past the stream, to the reeds on the east side where is disappeared into them.

Roy Hargreaves

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