Tuesday, 7 February 2012

BITTERN and Fox !

I was able to spend an hour at Marsworth this afternoon. A Bittern was sitting in the sunshine on the edge of the reedbed along the South East shore. A Kingfisher flew the length of the North East reedbed, bathed in sunshine. Three Red Kites circled directly over the water, each giving great views. I also watched a Red Fox enter the reedbed opposite the Bucks border and make its way stealthily along the South-east shore. It eventually came to the Bittern. Initially, the Bittern noticed the fox and started to walk ahead of it a few feet. Eventually, it stopped, looked at the Fox. The Fox looked back. And then they passed one another like ships in the night. No fuss or confrontation. Attached are a few record shots from today (quality isn't great due to distances involved, unfortunately) (Lucy Flower)

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