Wednesday, 22 February 2012

BITTERNS showing

This morning at Wilstone the Brent Goose was in the usual field and the Water Pipit as by the jetty. Also two Little Egrets were about and two female Pintail were new in.

Startops had the redhead Smew still and the Snow bunting was being elusive or was just not there while I was.

Reassuringly Marsworth had three Bitterns today so presumably they all survived the very cold period. Since the water has only crept into the edges of the reeds they can be almost as easy to see as when it was icy – although like then they don’t show all the time. They definitely seemed to be favouring the edges of the reeds and so were visible most of the time I was there and in both the Bucks and Herts reed beds. Also it was nice to get prolonged flight views in broad daylight (Roy Hargreaves)

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