Saturday, 24 March 2012

7 LITTLE GULLS remain on Wilstone for a few hours

Attached are some photos from Wilstone today.

The Chiffchaff was in the hedge on the car park bank on the way to the hide in between the outflows. There were at least three others in the woods on the way to the hide, but quite hidden

The DARK-BELLIED BRENT was conveniently close and in splendid isolation.

The seven LITTLE GULLS were off the Jetty three quarters of the way to bund. Well spotted by Ed and Steve.

The Little Egret was shot from the hide early on when there was no mist and no wind - hence the nice reflections.

The first courting Great Crested Grebe shot was taken by Steve Rodwell using my Canon SX40(which was used for all these photos). I only include it because he was clearly very pleased with it! The second was my subsequent and poorer effort (Mike Nott)

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