Friday, 2 March 2012

Incombe Hole and Pitstone Hill today

Incombe Hole & Pitstone Hill Friday Morning 2 March

From the Pitstone Hill car park saw a large flock of Fieldfare spread over the hill feeding (there were no joggers yet) but the highlight was the amazing number of Skylarks singing in the area and across the road in their usual grass field and the freshly growing crop field. They were singing all over the Pitstone Hill area wherever you walked. Worth a visit just to hear them, but early. Other highlights were a singing male Corn Bunting displaying to a female and five male Yellowhammers, didn't see a female.

There is always a flock of gulls at the Pitstone chalk pit but rather distant. A lot of Black-headed Gulls getting their black heads and there was a Lesser Black-backed gull, a Little Grebe and 5 Tufted Ducks also present. On the way back joggers had shifted the Fieldfare and they flew over in a flock of approx 120. Also heard a Redshank fly over (Sally Douglas)

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