Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Water End Meadows WATER PIPIT starting to moult

Back at Water End Meadows briefly this afternoon in between heavy rain showers. On arriving from the Piper's Hill road, I quickly came across the WATER PIPIT about 100 metres downstream from the road (at the first 'waterfall'/drop in river level). It then flew upstream to the small pool/spring area just below the road. It fed/foraged there for a good 10 minutes and allowed me to very slowly get a little closer before crouching to watch and get a few long distance photographs. I had to smile at the role of luck in seeing these birds when I noticed another birder turn up on the road, overlooking this pool, take a good look at the Water Pipit through binoculars and then leave, presumably to the Wyevale garden centre carpark. Many times I've wished for such luck!

Anyway, the Water Pipit eventually flew downstream and I later caught up with it by the footbridge. Nothing too much else of note today. The usual 2 Grey Herons, Red Kite, 2 Grey Wagtails.

I was able to watch the Water Pipit feed/forage in the stream by the footbridge before it flew up to perch on it and the sun actually came out for 5 minutes. That allowed a few more distant photographs before it flew into the sedgy grass on the East side of the river. It was quickly joined by a Snipe species which flew from the boggy area downstream into the sedgy grass for cover.

Attached photographs of the Water Pipit. The first set showing the back plumage taken at the spring/pool when the sky was thunderous - high ISO and heavy crops. The second set taken when the Pipit perched on the footbridge - all 100% crops. All best viewed at Large or Original size (Lucy Flower Birding & Photography)

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