Monday, 12 March 2012

Monday 12 March

Spent a couple of hours at Wilstone in the mist. Visibility was OK for about 75 metres but then got very fuzzy. Took a long time to clear. Not much seemby me (or other birders I met) but did see 2 MISTLE THRUSHES earlier on the path from Wilstone corner to Cemetery corner, along with one immature male GOLDENEYE. The WATER PIPIT was spooked along the same bank - it was in the plant growth half way up the wall 50 m up from the jetty - and disappeared (again!). 150+ FIELDFARES were making a real racket as they "chukked" in the tall trees in Cemetery Corner. Very quiet from the hide - one LITTLE EGRET and an OYSTERCATCHER visible. The Oystercatcher was settled down at the far end of the bar and you would struggle to see it if you hadn't seen it walking around.

There was a lot of Crested Grebe "dancing" going on with at least three pairs displaying.

Some photos attached of Mistle Thrushes, first-year male Common Goldeneye, poor shot of displaying Great Crested Grebes and a shot of Greylags in flight over the Wilstone concrete wall (Michael Nott)

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