Sunday, 25 March 2012


Ted and I were on the way to the ressies when news broke that Ian Williams had found a SANDWICH TERN at Wilstone. A few minutes later we were enjoying brilliant views of it perched and preening. Ten minutes later it took off and after 2 circuits of the reservoir, gaining height as it did, it flew off South-west into Bucks, joining 2 Black-headed Gulls as they moved through.

Two Oystercatchers there also flew off, 4 Common Goldeneye noted and 3 Little Egret.

On to Startop's End, where the WATER PIPIT was showing really well in the Bucks corner near to the causeway with Marsworth until flushed by a birder and subsequently by a dog walker. It flew and landed on one of the floating vegetation platforms, I saw it do this the other day too.

The DARK-BELLIED BRENT was on the mud there until that had a fly-around too, before crossing the canal into Bucks and landing in the paddocks.

Best of all here was a WHIMBREL that came in from the South, calling and left to the North without stopping. It was quite high up, and seems really early to me, but then look at the weather !

Enjoy the sunshine

Mike and Ted Wallen

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