Tuesday, 16 August 2011

At least 7 COMMON REDSTARTS now at Rowsham

I went out this evening having missed the early morning rounds.
First stop was the hedge where I found a 1st Wint male on Saturday - not seen since, tonight this male was there but with it were 2 females !
I moved on reluctantly as they were all in the evening sun, to the area favoured by other birds for many weeks now. I quite easily located the four males, 2 in the small triangular field reached just before the disused building, and 2 in the area of the building/ hedge to the South.
So definately 7 ( seven ) tonight, incredibly I am almost certain that on watching the 2 in the triangular field there was an eigth bird calling in the hedge behind but I couldn't see past a hedge.
Now without getting carried away 1 of those females tonight was very wary ( not like the two about a week ago ) so could easily be new. But if we assume that these 2 are the same females, there have still been a minimum of 10 birds here since the end of June.
An incredible series of records.
To view the 'resident' 4 please - Park sensibly in Rowsham, allowing for farm machinery. Take the footpath East to SP857180 where you will find a disused building by a pond. Birds are around here sometimes but much more likely in the hedge just to the South. From the building look to the South, the hedge on the right between the building and the chalk piles. Only view from by the building and DO NOT walk south along the track which is private (Mike Wallen)

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