Saturday, 27 August 2011

Interim Report - Ian and Roy find LITTLE STINT

This morning again had potential as although the wind had swung to the west showers were still forecast. Anyway walking down through Miswell Farm rewarded me with yet another sighting of one of the Little Owls in the willows close to the Miswell Pond. From the jetty several Greenshank and a Ruff were on the mud and Ringed Plover were also visible in the half-light. I met up with Ian and we carried on round to the hide and were surprised to see a Chinese Water Deer on the reservoir embankment. It was either pregnant and/or in poor health as it was far more confiding than normal as can be seen in the attached videograb. Anyway we got to the hide and checked to see if anything new had arrived. Nothing was apparent – 2 Black-tailed Godwits, 3 or 4 Ruff (5 in total), Greenshank and the other usual suspects were present. At about 8:30 we noticed a small wader flying round by the tern rafts – almost directly in line with the Sun. It landed on the mud and we tried to scope it, but it took off after a few second and flew across in front of the hide – it looked like a Stint. Having lost sight of it by while it was by the north-west bank Ian and I headed for the old overflow. After searching that area thoroughly we couldn’t find it there and headed back to the hide – soon to be joined by others. While scanning the spit from the hide I noticed a Stint on the spit with the Ringed Plover. So we headed for the spit and confirmed what we already suspected – that it was a LITTLE STINT. A lovely fresh juvenile. Calls were made and others arrived to enjoy this bird, which might linger like last year’s birds. Having seen David excellent photo I won’t bother attaching another rubbish videograb – that are never as good as stills.

I have had a good week s o far this week but it isn’t over yet so how knows what tomorrow will bring! (Roy Hargreaves)

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